Producer's Notes - Sassparilla - "White Lightning"

Deer Lodge George Jones Tribute

Sassparilla is one of the bands that I’d heard of on the Portland scene with a great following and unique character, but I really hadn’t gotten into their music.  When they turned in their track, it was immediately clear that the song would most likely lead off the album.  It was that fresh and energetic, it just rocked.  Bad-ass and full of balls.

Their track was turned in mixed in such a fashion that the levels were so high that there was basically nothing for our mastering engineer to do with it.  Not a big deal since it was a great job, but I saw Chet Lyster at a bar and mentioned this to him in a half-joking way.  He confirmed this, saying “I know, I did that on purpose.”  We both shared a laugh.

Here's a video Morgan Geer of Drunken Prayer made for their track:

 Here's George doing the song way back in 1959:

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