Producer's Notes - Lewi Longmire & the Portland Country Underground - "Still Doin' Time"

Deer Lodge George Jones Tribute

Lewi Longmire & Portland Country Underground at the Deer Lodge in Portland, Oregon

Working with Lewi Longmire seemed like a rite of passage, because anyone who’s ever stepped into a bar in Portland has probably heard ole’ Lewi pick a tune.  He’s one of the hardest-working musicians out there, a great story and example of a guy who makes it work in this tough business.

I had come up from L.A. for some of the sessions at the Deer Lodge, and on the last night of my stay Lewi and the boys from the Portland Country Underground came through to record their tune. 

Ezra’s wife and First Lady of the Lodge Kate Meredith had put out a nice spread of food in the bar, and as musicians trickled in we loosened up and got full.  The mood was light and convivial, and relaxed.  Just like it always is at the Lodge, recording is almost an afterthought!  But it’s that coolness that gives such great, real performances.

Three takes is all it took.  One to warm up, one to nail it, and one to realize that the second take had the freshness and energy we were looking for.  Overdub Lewi’s vocals, and harmonica champion David Lipkind’s harp part, and that was it.  A beautiful, special and memorable night.

Here's an audio-only of George doing the song (apparently he rarely did it live):

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